Cast & Crew

Mickey Gooch Jr.

Mickey Gooch Jr.

(Founder, Executive Producer, Actor, Writer)

Mickey was born and raised in New Jersey and currently resides in Malibu, CA. He is a partner in Skitbags Entertainment and Kodiak Pictures which is currently producing a film with Cross Creek Pictures. As an actor, he is known for How to Be Single (2016), The Clapper (2017) Deported (2017) and most recently Madness in the Method (2018).

Devin Muller

Devin Muller

(Creative Executive Producer, Producer, Line Producer, Writer, Host, Teacher)

Devin was born in Tampa, FL and grew up as a musical theater performer.  After college, he became a musical theater teacher at a magnet school for the arts and an investment manager.  Devin was then inspired to start his own film production company specializing in comedy, documentaries, and historical fictions. He also managed the entertainment and tour program of the largest distillery in Florida entertaining and educating over 250,000 people annually.  Having worked with Mickey Gooch Jr for over 10 years, he is excited to help bring Skitbags Entertainment into a new era.

Mista See

Carl Anthony aka “Mista See”

(Actor, Writer, Host)
Skitbags Radio, Concrete News

Mista See was born and raised in Philadelphia millions of years ago. Son of a police officer and radiology technician Mista has made his way through the pissed covered streets of a chocolate city named Philly. After graduating High School he moved on to multiple colleges in Virginia and Arizona to obtain two degrees; one in software technology and the other In graphic design print media. After graduation he moved to Los Angeles where he’s been chasing his dreams over the last 10 years building a legacy of love for himself and the Skitbags family crew. Recently Mista is active as a performing musician, studio engineer, fake internet lawyer, comedian, actor and radio show host on such shows as Skitbags Radio on Dash Radio, The GT’s Comedy Jam and The Ding Dong Show at the world famous comedy store. Mista will continue to hone his various craft as he grows along with those he supports to eventually… RULE THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD… Muhumuhumuhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Thomas McDaniel

(Film/Television Freelance Producer)

Starting out in Hollywood in 2014, Thomas has since worked with hundreds of filmmakers on as many productions in a wide range of capacities both behind and in front of the camera. He cut his teeth in the industry working his way up the hollywood ranks from paid extra to producer on various reality and theatrical television series, ad campaigns, short form & feature length films, music videos, and photoshoots.

While having never attended a proper film school, his entrepreneurial nature has provided him with the connections and experience to allow himself the benefit of working within the industry he loves in one of the greatest cities on Earth that is Los Angeles. When he's not co-hosting on Dash Radio, Thomas currently plays a supporting role at Kodiak Pictures, an upstart film financing and production company in West Hollywood, CA. Founded in 2016, Kodiak has grown quickly since its launch; financing and producing films at the independent and studio level starring such names as Gerard Butler, Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried, Shia LaBeouf, Tracy Morgan, Ludacris, Terry Crews, Vin Diesel, and many more.

Gabby S

Gabriella Sheikh

(Asst. Producer, Actor, Writer, Host)
Skitbags Radio

Gabby Shaikh is an Actress born in NYC, but she was raised a swamp monster in sunny sunny Florida. Gabby is a trained musical theatre actress and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her la la land dreams. Some of her favorite roles include: Mimi (RENT) Vanessa (In The Heights) Bambi (Curtains) You can see Gabby in the webseries Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis as Parvati Patel. She is represented by AEFH Agency

Kasey Jones Skitbags Headshot

Kasey Jones


Kasey Jones of Art and Music is a musician, producer, and engineer currently based out of Playa Del Rey, California. Having always had a keen interest in music and the music industry, Kasey grew up in Syracuse, New York. He bought his first guitar at age eleven, dedicating time to learning music on his own before later pursuing a degree in audio engineering from Full Sail University. Since finishing his education, Kasey has relocated to the Los Angeles area to pursue music full time, both as an audio engineer and as an artist. Jones continues to work with many top notch industry professionals and musicians alike and has written, performed and recorded a number of songs for MTV productions as an ASCAP affiliated member. Working within a genre for which he has coined the phrase, ‘esoteric alternative,’ Kasey is currently putting together a tour to promote his first full length album entitled “What’s The Point.” Through his music he hopes to inspire his listeners to follow their creative passions and to do what makes them feel good in life with the idea that you will always get back what you put out into the world. Kasey will continue dedicating his life to music and art, and invites any and all to follow along. If you can find him now, most likely he will be working out of his studio creating multimedia projects under the name Art and Music. Keeping the dream alive and one watchful eye on the declining social skills of mindless robot sheep. Money is a hoax, debt is slavery, media is manipulation, religion is control, the system is a lie and you are awesome!

Will Toussaint

Will Toussaint

(Producer, Actor, Writer, Host)
Concrete News

Will Toussaint was born in San Diego, CA with an attitude and an afro. He then began a vagabond life moving from SoCal to Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, NorCal, SoCal again, Georgia, Philly and NYC before returning to the city of angels a few years ago. He began working primarily in theatre (dramatic, classical, comedic, etc.) and moved to doing sketch comedy then landing in web series and film. He now works as an actor, writer, director and producer in Los Angeles. Theatre credits include Delaware and Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, Pub Theatre Co., Arden Theatre Co., and the National Constitution Center. Web series and film credits include Rap Super Friends, Science Bro, McCanick, Stalked, and his self-produced show The Mix and Serve. "I want to say thanks to my family and friends for their endless support and unconditional love.”

Bert Wang

Bertrand Wang

(Asst. Producer, Actor, Writer, Host)

Bertrand Wang is an actor, writer, producer and free lance badass. Bert is a lifelong student of martial arts, starting with Kung Fu, karate and kickboxing. He moved onto his interpretation of Jeet Kune Do, and has been studying Brazilian jiu jitsu since 2013. In 2017, he created Fight Dub with Devin Muller.

Jimmy Deloy

Jimmy Deloy

(Actor, Writer, Host)
Film History: A History of Film

Jimmy Deloy was born in Mississippi and moved to Los Angeles to work in film. He has acted, written and produced, learning the ins and outs of the industry.

A Special Thanks Goes Out To

producers Larry Layfield & Dev Reeve, as well as every Skitbags member who attended a meeting or supported us in the past.  Skitbags is very proud to support our members and the "Cast & Crew" listed here are currently the individuals making our weekly content.  We want to say a giant thank you to the countless people whom have graciously contributed to our success over the years.