We offer classes in sketch comedy and improv, stage & film acting, writing, and producing. Some classes are offered online and some are only offered to Los Angeles area students.

Improv & Sketch Comedy

Every writer and actor should have improv training. It is a creative muscle that bleeds over into many other disciplines and just like any other muscle it needs to be exercised. Improv allows the actor to create in the moment, it allows them to be totally in character and react as such, it gives them tools to use when something unexpected happens on stage or screen, and it allows them to keep up with others whom have had this training. Teaching the principles of short form improv and eventually long form (the Harold) as well as how to properly enter and exit the writing of a sketch is what this class will cover, with lessons and experience taken directly from Del Close and Second City.


It is called show business for a reason. The job of the producer is to figure out how to make everything work and solve problems when it doesn’t work. There are many aspects of producing from being on set, to pre-production, to distribution, to all the financials. The more versatile you are in this role the more valuable you’ll be. Success as a producer comes from many different skill sets and in these courses students will walk through different sizes and types of productions as a producer. Experiencing how to do each job.


The foundation of every story is anchored in good writing. Writers must not only know structure and technique but they must relate to the reader and have a voice and style of their own. In this course, students will create new writing pieces as a group, workshop them, and put them up against successful scripts.

Stage & Screen Acting

In this current stage in entertainment it is most valuable for an actor to be well versed in both stage and screen acting. Each is very different from one another yet skills from both consistently benefit one another. In these classes students will learn and practice the skills of both while discerning which techniques work best for the given role and the actor.

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