Skitbags Radio

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Recorded at Dash Radio’s studio and airing on Dash Talk X Tuesdays at 8pm, Skitbags Radio is an interview talk show based on the entertainment industry.  We interview actors, writers, producers, directors, and stand up comics to give our audience an insight into the inner workings of Hollywood. We also broadcast live on Dash Radio at red carpet premieres, comedy festivals, and special events.  You can watch video of full episodes and clips on our YouTube channel and listen to previous episodes on iTunes and other platforms.

Fight Dub

Fighting isn’t always a “Bloodsport” in fact fighting, or the lack of it, can be quite hilarious.  That’s what we focus on in Fight Dub. We have professional fighters and comedians as guests to commentate on everything from classic MMA battles, to movie fights, to fake martial arts instructors.  Fighting is in our human nature, and when people dress up like medieval warriors and battle it out, we’ll be there to make fun of it.

The Mix & Serve

The Mix and Serve is a live satirical news show that gives millennials, especially young people of color, a platform to get the news while having fun. We take mainstream media news and social media news, mix it together with drinking games, and encourage our audience to booze through the news with us! Join the Drunken American Millennial Network (DAMN) Bar as we serve you craft news with a twist!

Film History: The History of Film


Did you know that Francis Ford Coppola filmed a live water buffalo actually being cut in half on Apocalypse Now? Or that Joan Crawford did porn? Dev and Jimmy have more stories like this for you on Film History: The History of Film. We explore the origins of film making and unique facts about past films throughout human history.